Special Events and Intensive Workshops


Practical alchemy: Principles and Techniques of Spagyric Extraction
with Guido Masé
Saturday, November 8th 10 am – 4pm
$50/$45 for members

Though alchemical preparations have ranged from the mundane to the exceedingly complex, there are some basic techniques that find the “sweet spot” between a simple tincture and elaborate, multi-day rituals and still can enhance the flavor, vibrancy, and potency of your medicinal herbal extracts. We will discuss the Paracelsian synthesis of old Hermetic science, its application in the field of medicinal extraction, and the reasons why we might want to cultivate this art. At the same time, we’ll separate and refine the alchemical sulfur and salt of an aromatic botanical over the course of the day, using an outdoor fire and dutch oven for calcination, and a hydrosol and tincture distillate for essential oil potentization. Finally, we’ll blend the mix into a spagyric extract – salty, pungent, complex – by adding the salts and essentials to the mercury, the mother tincture. You’ll leave with a little bit of the spagyric extact to share with friends and family.