Current Workshop Descriptions & Dates

Making Herbal Meads
with Betzy Bancroft
Wednesday, September 10th 6-8 pm
$17/$15 for members

Mead is an ancient tonic beverage that’s currently regaining popularity. Learn how herbs, fruits, honey and yeast create the fermentation magic that results in delicious mead, or honey-wine. We’ll brew up a fresh fruit & herb mead and an herbal tea mead to demonstrate the processes.

Kitchen Medicine: Building Winter Immunity
with Lisa Masé, Harmonized Cookery
Wednesday, September 17th 5:30-8:30 pm
$25 (includes materials fee)

Many foods can be used to strengthen the immune system in preparation for winter, including promoting a healthy respiratory tract and intestinal flora. Learn creative ways to include immune-supportive foods in your meals to stay healthy and warm during the colder months, including baked winter squash, medicinal mushroom and allium stock, warming and anti-microbial spices, and lacto-fermented vegetables.

Lisa Mase is a food as medicine educator, translator and homesteader living in East Montpelier. She is passionate about the language of food, traditional foodways, and raising as much of her own food as possible.