Current Workshop Descriptions & Dates

Food As Medicine: Ride the Wave of Fall Change, Build Immunity, and Thrive all Winter
with Lisa Mase’, Harmonized Cookery
Monday, September 28th 5:30-7:30 pm
$20/$18 for members (includes materials fee)

During this nourishing, hands-on class, we will learn about the flavors of fall and which foods can support this profound seasonal transition. We will: prepare recipes that help us adapt to the change in seasons, mix anti-biotic spice blends for winter, start a sauerkraut culture, and sample fermented grains. Leave with a full belly, recipes, and inspiration.

Lisa Mase’ is a food as medicine educator, writer, mother, and homesteader in Central Vermont. Her work is informed by traditional nutritional philosophies, from Ayurveda and Chinese Five Element Theory to the Mediterranean Diet. She strives to help others find their ideal sources of nourishment and thrive with food as medicine. For recipes, meal plans, and more, visit:

Cannabis and Cancer
with Dr Jody E Noé MS, ND
Saturday, September 24th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cannabis has been found to help cancer patients with pain and nausea, and recent research indicates it has tumor-reducing and anti-carcinogenic properties as well. It has proven highly effective at controlling the nausea associated with chemotherapy, and its appetite-stimulation properties help combat wasting. Cannabis can also help control the pain associated with some cancers, as well as that resulting from radiation and chemotherapy treatment. In this class we will look at Cannabis as a palliative treatment for side effects as well as a primary treatment for cancer as cannabis oils.

Dr. Jody Noé, a graduate of Old Dominion University and Bastyr University, is the author of the Textbook of Integrative Naturopathic Oncology. Dr. Noé is also an adjunct professor at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, Bridgeport, CT and is the founder of the Integrative Oncology Clinic at UBCNM. Dr. Noé was also trained in Traditional Cherokee medicine and practices naturopathic family medicine, integrative oncology and Cherokee medicine in her private practice in Pawcatuck, CT.