Current Workshop Descriptions & Dates

Herbs to Inspire Joy and Confidence
with Rachael Keener, VCIH clinical intern
Monday, November 3rd 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members

This class offers ideas for herbal support along with simple daily practices for tuning into our inner joy and confidence.  At the foundation of true joy and confidence is a sense of self-love.  And self-love acts as a wonderful base for supporting our physical, mental and emotional health- because what we value, we care for.  Come to the class to learn, enjoy, and leave feeling inspired, empowered and supported.

Natural Beauty Workshop
with Leilani Courtney, VCIH clinical intern
Wednesday, November 5th 6-8 pm
$17/$15 for members (includes materials fee)

Learn how to support healthy skin with a crash course in basic skin care physiology, nutrition, and herbs, as well as how to create and purchase toxic free skin care products. This is a hands and face on workshop, where we will be trying many herbal applications, as well as delving into open discussions about skin health. Please bring: a towel, face cloth, hair-band and a large bowl.

GOOD SEX: Is there an herb for that?
with Linden Devoil, VCIH clinical intern
Monday, November 10th 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members

Sex can be emotionally nourishing, deeply embodied, and FUN.  If you’d like to experience this kind of sex all the time, more of the time, or for the first time, this class is for you!

In this class, we will:

-  Explore key concepts of integrated sexuality, helping you bring your whole self to the bedroom (or anywhere else.)

- Learn about the anatomy of arousal, way beyond 8th grade health class!

- Discuss internal and external use of herbs to support relaxed, exciting and delightful sexual intimacy.

This class is hands off and clothes on; discussion only. Open to people of any gender and sexual orientation.

Sustainable Leadership: Herbal Support for Grounded Action
with Kate Westdijk, VCIH clinical intern
Monday, November 17th 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members

This workshop is for anyone who is called to meaningful work in the world and is seeking tools to enhance and sustain that work.  We will explore ways that inspiration and anxiety fuel our efforts, and potential impacts on our body, mind and spirit.  Participants will learn about (and taste!) herbal preparations to nourish themselves and enhance their capacity for creativity, collaboration, and satisfaction in their efforts.

A Diet to Optimize Our Vital Functions
with Sila Rood, VCIH clinical intern
Wednesday, December 3rd 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members

Come to learn a new understanding of the food groups, seasonal eating, and the assimilation of nutrients that might change your life forever. There’s a lot of information out  there in the world of nutrition that tends to change as new research arises. In this class, we will look into a traditional Chinese understanding of an individualized healthy diet that has been in practice for thousands of years.