Current Workshop Descriptions & Dates

Make Your Own Immune-Boosting Cough Syrup
with Juliette Abigail Carr, Old Ways Herbal
Wednesday, February 11th 6-8 pm
$17/$15 for members ($5 materials fee included)

Create a tasty, reliable remedy for your winter medicine chest.  Participants will take home recipes and a sample of the syrup we make in class.  Please bring a small jar or an old tincture bottle.

Juliette Abigail Carr is a clinical herbalist in South Newfane, Vermont and the proprietor of Old Ways Herbal.  She teaches about family herbalism and homesteading at her family’s farm and locations around the state.  Read more and contact her at

Luxuriously Healthy Hair: Simple Hair Care Recipes
with Joann Darling, Green Sylk Soap Co.
Wednesday, February 25th 6-8 pm
$17/$15 for members ($5 materials fee included)

Herbs and essential oils can be used to promote hair and scalp health. Many of the commercially available products leave a residue on your hair that can dull its natural shine, and may even contain toxins.  Good quality castile soap can be used as a shampoo alone, or as the base ingredient in natural hair care remedies. Apple cider vinegar, diluted with water leaves hair soft and shiny, invigorates the scalp, and eliminates dandruff, all for mere pennies an application! If you are interested in making your own herbal shampoos, hair rinses and scalp treatments then this workshop is for you.  Includes recipes and samples.

Joann Darling is a native Vermonter whose life work is learning and teaching about the amazing gifts we receive from the plant world.

Tree Medicine for the Earth
with Fearn Lickfield, Green Mountain School of Druidry
Wednesday, March 4th 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members

The land can be seen as a macrocosm of our bodies.  It has meridians, a circulatory system, flesh and bone.  More than ever, the earth needs skilled healers and good medicine to return to balance and vitality.  Its time to bring herbalism back to Earth!  In this workshop you will journey to the Sacred Grove of the Druids to meet your tree ally and gather its medicine.  Fearn will introduce you to the earth energy web and the basics of earth acupuncture using tree essences,  as well as a a partnering practice to Repair the Climate.

Fearn Lickfield is co-creator of the Green Mountain School of Druidry with Ivan McBeth.  She is a certified flower essence practitioner, Geomancer, Ecstatic Dance leader, avid gardener, and Priestess of Gaia. As facilitator, teacher and grounded spiritual counselor she guides the healing and connection of people with the Sacred Earth.

Techniques and Tips for Successful Plant Propagation
with Joann Darling, Gardens of Seven Gables
Wednesday, April 1st 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members

Seed starting, root cuttings, layering and more.  Learn from a master how to propagate plants with ease. Joann will discuss her favorite techniques for staring perennials and annuals from seed, how she increases her scented geranium population, roots rosemary cuttings, which perennials to divide in the spring and more.   Soils and growing mediums will be covered, along with rooting solutions.

Joann Darling is a native Vermonter whose life work is learning and teaching about the amazing gifts we receive from the plant world.

Understanding and Treating Lyme Disease: Chinese Medicine and Western Herbs
with Brendan Kelly, M. Ac., L. Ac., herbalist
Wednesday, April 8th 6-9 pm
$17/$15 for members

A crucial understanding in treating Lyme disease is that things change. Using the Chinese medicine perspective of Sheng Hua, we’ll talk about how one set of symptoms leads to others, and how understanding the progression of the disease is essential to not only treating symptoms but also promoting health. Brendan will use several Lyme case studies of patients he’s worked with to talk about his experiences treating Lyme disease and the potential to treat the condition from very early through advanced stages. We’ll talk about using western herbs as well as dietary and lifestyle suggestions to treat the numerous symptoms associated with Lyme.

Brendan will also talk about research from his book that will published by North Atlantic Books in 2015—The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis. In particular, he’ll present how the progression of Lyme disease is a reflection of the progression of climate change and how Lyme is very much a condition of our times. Detailed handouts will be provided.

You can view of video of Brendan talking about the progression of Lyme disease at the Jade Mountain Wellness YouTube page:

Brendan Kelly has a master’s in acupuncture degree and teaches about Chinese medicine at schools, colleges, universities and conferences around the country. He is a faculty member at Johnson State College in VT and the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in FL. He has 20 years experience in western herbs and natural medicine, with 12 years in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. He practices acupuncture and Chinese and western herbal medicine at the clinic he co-founded, Jade Mountain Wellness, in Burlington, VT— He also researches and writes about the connection between personal health and environmental sustainability. In September of 2015, North Atlantic Books will publish his first book The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis: Healing Personal, Cultural and Ecological Imbalances with Chinese Medicine, which presents the deeper, root causes of our warming planet.