Current Workshop Descriptions & Dates

Building a Home Apothecary: Remedies for Poison Ivy and Skin Rashes
with Stephanie Cohen, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Wednesday, October 26th 6-8pm
$15 members / $17 non-members / $5 for VCIH students
(includes $5 materials fee)

The best time to stock your medicine cabinet is before you or a loved one need relief. Learn which plants to use and how to prepare remedies for poison ivy and other skin rashes using plants you can easily find or grow in your backyard. Together, we will prepare a salve and attendees will leave with recipes and samples of Stephanie’s tried and true poison ivy remedies.

Herbs for Acute and Chronic Respiratory Issues
with Mica McDonald, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Wednesday, November 2nd 6-8pm
$10 members / $12 non-members / Free for VCIH students

Respiratory concerns of the lungs and sinuses are common in all populations and often lead to overprescription of antibiotics, steroids, and other pharmaceuticals. In this class, we will discuss how to use herbs to address a wide variety of respiratory complaints including colds and flus, acute and chronic lung infections (bacterial, fungal, and viral), asthma, bronchitis, as well as chronic sinus irritation and infection. We will discuss the roles that diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors play in the development of respiratory illnesses. The goal of this class will be to improve your understanding of the appropriate use of herbs for a wide variety of respiratory conditions, and how they may compliment the more limited set of tools that mainstream medicine has to offer.

Understanding Homeopathy
with Hannah McLeod, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Thursday, November 3rd 6:30-8:30pm
$10 members / $12 non-members / Free for VCIH students

Initiate or deepen your exposure to the often mystified practice of homeopathy, a holistic system of treatment using low doses of natural substances on a “like treats like” basis. In this comprehensive intro we will revitalize this modality, its story and place in health care as well as lay a foundation in its theory, method, principles and applications. Welcoming all levels; come with your curiosity, whether it be intrigue or doubt and leave with practical knowledge and inspiration. *There will be treats!

Savor The Sour: Vinegars For Vibrant Health
with Nicole Dunnan, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Wednesday, November 9th 6-8pm
$15 members / $17 non-members / $5 for VCIH students
(includes $5 materials fee)

Explore the many uses and health benefits of vinegar, the basics of vinegar home brewing and preparing vinegar-based herbal preparations for both culinary and health use. Participants will learn the ideal herbs for vinegar-based preps, delight their palates with a sampling of zesty vinegars and vinegar-based remedies, prepare their own unique herbal vinegar to take home, and receive detailed handouts with recipes and resources for further exploration.  

Take Care, Give Care: Herbal First Aid for Common Wounds
with Beatrix Dalton, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Thursday, November 10th 6:30-8:30pm
$15 members / $17 non-members / $5 for VCIH students
(includes $5 materials fee)

Oops! Ouch! Accidents happen to ourselves and others. How can we be more well prepared when these acute situations arise, and which local plants and trees can aid our bodies in healing faster and more thoroughly?

In this class we will learn about some different kinds of common injuries, and various techniques, plants, trees and topical preparations to help promote wound healing.

We will have some time to practice dressing wounds with materials provided, and all who attend will go home with some important and helpful components of your own basic herbal first aid kit. And hopefully feeling more empowered in the face of injury.

Queen Anne’s Lace:  A Look Into Nature’s Contraceptive
with Ayeen Telopa, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Wednesday, November 16th 6-8pm
$10 members / $12 non-members / Free for VCIH students

This class will dive into the practical application of wild carrot as an herbal contraceptive. It will also give a comprehensive look into the female bodied fertility cycle. All are welcome, come to spark or deepen your understanding of an age old medicine, reclaiming your fertility and supporting self reliance.

Smile! Herbs for Oral Health
with Martha Waterman, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Wednesday, November 30th 6-8pm
$15 members / $17 non-members / $5  for VCIH students
(includes $5 materials fee)

Good health begins with the mouth. What we put in our mouths and the way we take care of our teeth and gums have far-reaching impacts on the health of the rest of our bodies. Join me as we look at the importance of oral care and herbs that help us achieve and maintain a healthy mouth. Participants will make and take home a mouth-care remedy and will leave with recipes and inspiration for creating herbal dental remedies at home.