Student Clinical Herbalist Interns for 2016

Meet our excellent and diverse group of interns! If you’d like to see someone in particular, please email them by clicking on their name below or contact our office to be connected to them via phone.

Ayeen Telopa spent the beginning of her life in wonder at the vastness of this world. Brimming with curiosity and hunger for adventure, she has walked through many lands, the plants always with her, enchanting and calling her forward. She is an artist, and lover of truth, beauty, and bliss. As an herbalist she hopes to work in partnership with others to find and meet their truest form of health and internal bliss. She also hopes to encourage in her clients a sense of self-empowerment and self-reliance throughout their healing process.

Beatrix Dalton is an herbalist, naturalist, and lover of all things wild, and magical. They are a certified Wilderness First Responder, and a WEMT. They teach programs for children, teens and adults at Roots School, focusing on wildness, adventure, survival, naturalism, awareness, stealth, and martial skills. Beatrix is also a local craftsperson, artist and bookbinder. They are a well-traveled, adventurous, gender-queer witch and anarchist, embracing the magnificence of everyday life, while also trying to do their part to create and fight for a better world. Beatrix moved to central Vermont in 2009 to study medicine, herbalism, ninjutsu, woodland skills, plants, trees and animals. They have been spending time with plants and the forest since they were a child in rural upstate NY, and currently live in Marshfield, VT.

Eleanor Baron’s path as an herbalist has been informed by her lifelong relationship with the natural environment, her personal healing journey and her commitment to curiosity, critical thinking and learning. Although Eleanor is deeply honored to work with all people who seek improved health and understanding of their bodies, her specific interests relate to chronic conditions that decrease one’s ability to enjoy each day to its fullest potential. Eleanor has deep knowledge in the area of tickborne diseases like Lyme disease and understands personally the special challenges that these illnesses create. An integrative approach can explore herbs, nutrition, nature-based and spiritual options, and Eleanor is eager to enter a creative partnership with you, working toward your goals.

Hannah McLeod grew rambling our earth barefoot, limbs entangled in the vines of our mother, heart bound by the guidance of spirit and cradled deep among the crowds of humanity. Born to an activist father and a mystic mother, plants and happiness were her medicine. She started her official study of herbalism as a teenager, driven by the deep belief in the practice of freedom. Called by a yearning to live in unity and rhythm with the natural world, a resistance to the imbalances of modernity. Hannah desires to cultivate the uprise of personal adequacy and self-sustainability within communities, removing our bodies from profit driven systems. She strives to practice with discernment but without judgment and is excited to walk alongside you on your path of wellness.

Kenzie McDonald While seeking a balanced path of social justice, environmental activism and spiritual growth, herbalism naturally became a major aspect of her lifework. As a clinical herbalist, Kenzie strives to focus on reproductive/sexual health for cis and trans folks, Lyme disease, diabetes, and mental and emotional health, specifically related to trauma. She is also a farmer, a beekeeper, a dancer and a lover of nature. Kenzie is passionate about bringing the healing practices of the mind, body and spirit into the clinical space. Kenzie is queer, trans and disability friendly, and open to seeing clients of all ages and genders.

Martha Waterman’s passion for herbalism is rooted in a desire for health and vitality to be accessible to everyone. Her vision for health care is compassionate, affordable, sustainable, and diverse. She has a background in farming vegetables and herbs and has a deep connection with the plants and soil. In addition to her herbal education, Martha is a trained Lactation Educator and Post-Partum doula. Outside of VCIH, Martha donates her time to social and environmental justice work. Martha is excited to work with clients of all backgrounds, abilities, orientations, identities, ages, and colors.

Mica McDonald is an herbalist, environmentalist, and educator living in Burlington, VT. Mica came to herbalism from their personal successes using nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise, spirituality, and herbs to manage their own chronic disease, cystic fibrosis. They have a passion for health education, self-experimentation, patient empowerment, and integrative medicine. Mica has particular interests and experience in digestive health and nutrition, cystic fibrosis, chronic respiratory issues, blood sugar disregulation and diabetes, autoimmunity, and transgender health (specifically FTM transitions).

Michelle Broaddus is a mother, gardener, plant lover, herbalist, massage therapist, Practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, doula, and holistic healer. She has gained experience working with adults and children of all ages through being a mother and community herbalist. She is excited to work with folks of all walks of life to address their health concerns. Michelle acknowledges that healing happens in layers and the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical are all connected and equally affect one another. She is excited to be a part of the magical unfolding that happens when plants and people come together.

Nick Cavanaugh’s interest in herbalism was sparked by the way it connects individuals to the natural world. He’s also interested in connecting mind, body and spirit and has been a practitioner of mindfulness meditation for almost ten years. Personalized guidance with meditation can be provided. He’s also practiced co-counseling for ten years and through that explored the connections between social identities and emotions. He is open to supporting any health challenges, and is particularly interested in mental and emotional health, including intellectual disability or developmental disorders. His six years of herbal studies have included programs at Herb Pharm in Oregon and 7Song’s school in Ithaca, NY.

Nicole Dunnan is an herbalist, photographer, and lover of dance, yoga, and all things culinary. Her connection with plants began as a child in the sun-dappled fields of eastern Washington State. She transplanted to Hancock, a tiny hamlet in the heart of the Green Mountains in 2014. Nicole views her role as a compassionate partner and advocate, supporting and empowering each individual to discover their unique path to healing, find lasting, sustainable solutions to their health challenges, and take back sovereignty over their health. Her approach incorporates whole foods nutrition, herbs, and mind-body-spirit connection to engage the body’s innate healing capacity and restore balance and vitality. Areas of particular interest include immune function/auto-immunity, digestive health, metabolic and blood sugar dysregulation, and women’s health.

Rachel Leaf is a lover of all things wild, believes in the paradox and constantly strives (and encourages others) to live dreamier and more radical lives. She is a teacher, an organizer, a witch and a cosmos/x-files enthusiast. The crossover of magic, dirt, science and revolutionary acts of self-care and health access is what led her to herbalism and what she delights in every day. She believes that every person has the power to heal, and that this healing can form the basis of larger social change and transformation. She has the intention and desire to practice herbalism from an inclusive, anti-racist, anti-colonialist, feminist perspective.

Stephanie Boucher is an herbalist, new mother, gardener, forager, traveler, musician, and a lifelong inhabitant of the northeast woodlands. After a long stint in the sterile world of academia, Stephanie spent many years vagabonding and volunteering on farms, all the while falling deeper in love with the magic of plants. She is excited to share that magic with others this year in clinic. Stephanie is particularly interested in herbal support for pregnancy and postpartum health, anxiety, stress, depression and other mood disorders, skin conditions, and digestive health. Stephanie is also the head kitchen-witch at a medical cannabis dispensary, and is excited to work with folks utilizing cannabis who would like to incorporate other herbs into their life.

Stephanie Cohen grew up among the live oaks and Spanish moss in Savannah, Georgia. She has a degree in Horticulture, and has been studying herbalism since 2012 when her work as an advocate for the organic food and farming movement lead her to understand an even greater need. There is a power that maintains our universe—germinates seeds, raises winds, spins our planet—and it lives within each of us. It is the same power that drives human and plant physiology and the communication within and between living beings. Her goal as a practitioner is to listen, observe and co-create opportunities for wellness with you and the plants and the power that moves us all.