Student Clinical Herbalist Interns for 2015

Meet our excellent and diverse group of interns! If you’d like to see someone in particular, please email them by clicking on their name below or contact our office to be connected to them via phone.

Allison Dellner is an herbalist, mother, poet, adventurer, and lover of plants and wild places. Allison was taught by her mother to make things herself rather than to buy them, instilling in her a self-reliance that led her to making her own medicine and taking her health into her own hands. Allison hopes to encourage others to reclaim sovereignty over their health and connect people with the plants that will lead them to wellness. Allison is also a doula, with experience and training in natural childbirth and herbal medicine for mothers and children.

Beracah Sullivan

Cassandra Sears is particularly fond of playing in the dirt, picking flowers, identifying wild edibles and care-fully tending to plant beings.   She appreciates the element of surprise and curiosity in daily life. Knowing the importance of integrating traditional approaches and modern science, she is thoughtful in considering how to implement change. She is passionate in working towards living a meaningful and joyous life while using plants, lifestyle, and awareness to let the heart lead.

Ellie Bayer grew up in Lebanon, New Hampshire, where her interest in herbalism was sparked around 8 years old. Ellie has been actively studying herbalism in Vermont for the past 5 years. Ellie is looking to offer her experience to help modern folks find valuable uses for the plants around them. She hopes to equip people with an appreciation for and an awareness of diet and lifestyle, as well as a consciousness of the body. She invites folks to open up to herbal transformation–you’ll never know before you try!

Justine Calnan grew up on a family farm in Rochester, Vermont.  She has had a strong connection with plants and animals since she was a young child.  She has a background in early childhood development, philosophy of education, as well as Special Education. She is a musician  and actor and she currently works as the head baker/chef at an organic bakery and bookstore in Rochester.  She has a particular interest in cooking with whole foods and herbs and using wild and traditional foods in her recipes.

Kate Sinnema

Lroy Meryhew is an herbalist, artist and activist currently residing in Vermont. They are committed to providing herbalism and herbal education from a perspective that is anti-racist and anti-colonial. Lroy, along with other healers from across the country, helps run a bi-annual free clinic at Black Mesa that provides bodywork and herbs to Diné elders. They have herbal training in trans health, sexual health and emotional support for trauma. They are queer, trans, teen and disability friendly.

NettaMae Walsh

Sasha McGarvey

Thomas Arthur Farrell spent the first great cycle of his life engaged in the elements of story and biography, while the last seven years have been centered on exploring the patterns of health and disease, and the art of healing. Thomas’s early years were devoted to the woods and waters of Maine, before migrating to the mountainous lights of Colorado. While living in Asia he practiced intensively with Yogi Sucharita Hsu, has spent a decade becoming proficient in the language of astrology, and finds the mysteries of the universe most accessible to him through the gates of Anthroposophy. As an herbalist, Thomas focuses on the threefold nature of humanity, acknowledging that all people contain body, soul, and spirit.  By meeting others in this way, he hopes to foster a reemergence of one’s inherent balance through compassion, understanding, and the many graces of Nature.